Autumn Cleaning – Day 30

Day 30 Entry/Patio – Garage walls and Cupboards

The garage clean is very much like the rest of the house, but know is also a good time to have a clean out.

Dusting walls –
1. Using a long feather style duster or microfiber duster, start from top to bottom working your way around the room clockwise.
2. Getting behind as many benches or cupboards as possible. Better still if you can pull them away from the wall you will have a better clean.

Washing walls –
3. Add 1 cup of liquid SUGAR SOAP to half a bucket of warm water.
4. Using a sponge or a flat sponge mop, remove excess water to avoid water running down the wall which can leave marks, wash the wall from bottom to top.

Spot cleaning walls –
5.Use a light scourer to remove excess grime and marks.
6.Do not rub too hard with the scourer. Test a section of the wall that is not in view first.
7.Wipe wall dry with a clean cloth.
8. Magic Eraser can also be used on the walls for pen marks (these erasers are also abrasive, be careful not to rub to hard)
9. When finished it is a great idea to protect your walls by hanging curtains, old sheets or something similar so that when you lean items on the wall they will not damage the wall. This is a great idea if you are renting.

Cupboard Cleaning
1. Clear out all items
2. Wipe the shelving with a damp cloth, with multi purpose cleaner, and maybe a scourer or magic eraser to remove stubborn marks.
3. Tracks can be easily cleaned if the door is taken out of the track.
4. Vacuum or brush the track to remove dust and bugs
5. Wipe the track with a damp cloth and multi purpose cleaner.6